Etiquette of Hunting (Trailing)

  1. Please ring the Hunt Secretary to check where the Meet is to be held and any parking restrictions for vehicles.
  2. On arrival at the Meet say "Good Morning" to the Masters and be sure to arrive clean and tidy. Both you and your horse!
  3. If you are riding a young, or inexperienced horse, wear a GREEN ribbon or tape at the top of your horse's tail.
  4. If you are worried that your horse might kick then please wear a RED ribbon or tape.
  5. If a rider puts their hand behind their back, then please give that horse a wide berth as there could be a problem.
  6. Always turn your horse's quarters AWAY from hounds at all times - meaning, turn your horse's head TOWARDS the hounds. This applies at the Meet and in the hunting field whenever hounds need to pass.
  7. Never overtake the Huntsman or Masters. When somebody shouts "Huntsman please" - it is an instruction to clear the way through for the Huntsman (or Whip, Master, or Hounds)
  8. If you kick a hound then you MUST inform the Huntsman, Whip or Master immediately as this can save a lot of distress.
  9. Always listen to the Field Master as he/she is in charge of the mounted followers and you must not leave the Meet before the Field Master.
  10. Make sure all gates are closed even if you are not the last person through. If livestock escapes, inform the famer or the Master immediately, also if fences or gates are damaged.
  11. When riding on the road be polite and thank all traffic with a raised hand or a nod of the head.
  12. If 'hunt monitors' are present they must be ignored and not allowed to provoke any reaction either verbal or physical.
  13. The Huntsman has mounted help called Whipper's In (The Whip)
  14. The colour of the Masters' and Huntsman's jacket is called 'Hunt Livery'.
  15. The art of working hounds is referred to as 'Venery'.
  16. Hounds are referred to and counted as Couples e.g. 10 couple = 20 hounds, 5 1/2 couple = 11 hounds. Always refer to them as hounds, not dogs. A hound's tail is called a 'Stern'.
  17. It is wonderful to watch hounds working, so please be quiet, it has taken many years of selective breeding to produce these hounds. When hounds make a noise it's called 'Speaking' or 'Giving Tongue' and is truly the most wonderful 'Music' (sound) so listen. When the Huntsman sounds the Horn then we are truly blessed, you will gradually learn what he is 'saying'.
  18. When leaving, don't forget to say "Good Night". You will take with you wonderful memories of the centuries old art of Hunting.
  19. Foot Followers should keep their dogs on leads and also keep them quiet, please.
  20. If you see a fox running, then please do not point or holla as hounds are now only Trail Hunting and the fox must be allowed to run.